Covid-19 Vaccinations

Information regarding the Covid vaccination programme can be found online at

Alternatively you can call the COVID-19 Vaccination Helpline on 0800 030 8013 to get information and ask questions.

Greater Glasgow is planning to offer future Covid vaccinations through community hubs. These will not be done in GP surgeries.

If you are in a group who should have received their first dose and have not yet had this, you can complete the NHS Inform online missing appointment form to provide contact details.

If you are housebound the missing appointment form should be completed via this link and contact details provided along with requesting a home visit in the additional information section.


Help us stop the spread of Covid.

People with no symptoms can test twice a week at any of the 3 asymptomatic testing centres in East Renfrewshire.

There is also a testing centre for people with symptoms in Newton Mearns.

Details can be found at